A commemorative medal was issued for the 750th anniversary of Ostrava

A commemorative medal was issued for the 750th anniversary of Ostrava

On the occasion of the celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the first written mention of Ostrava, there was issued a symbolic number of 750 commemorative medals. The design is a work of the academic painter Vladimír Pavlica from Ostrava-Hošťálkovice, one of the most respected Czech medalists. Silver medals are on sale at the Ostrava Information Service.

The dominant feature of the medals is the Ostrava City Hall, which symbolizes the development of Ostrava, and the city coat of arms with a jumping horse. ‘As a prospective author, we approached one of the best and most renowned Czech medalists who lives in Hošťálkovice, one of Ostrava’s districts. He accepted the offer and came up with a design that matched our expectations. I consider the commemorative medal a dignified reminder of such an event,’ said Mayor Tomáš Macura.

Vladimír Pavlica is the author of the probably most beautiful and among the numismatics most valued mintage of a post-revolutionary commemorative coin – the golden ten thousand crown coin issued by the Czech National Bank in 2013 on the 1150th anniversary of the arrival of the apostles Constantine and Methodius in Great Moravia. For the medal on the 750th anniversary of Ostrava the author considered several variants. He eventually opted for a simple and neat design with the Ostrava City Hall and the city coat of arms as its dominants. It takes about a month to create one side of a coin or medal.

The Ostrava Medals are numbered and minted from silver with fineness of Ag 999/1000. From Thursday, 17 August, they will on sale in the Ostrava Information Service in two different sizes with a diameter of 50 and 30 mm. They will cost 1999 and 999 Czech Crowns, respectively.

The limited collector’s edition was produced at the Prague Mint.