Fiesta in the streets of Ostrava

Fiesta in the streets of Ostrava

A fantastic spectacle and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Such will be the true Catalan fiesta which will take place in Ostrava on 30 June and 1 July. Over 250 artists from Spanish Catalonia will come to Ostrava to perform at this festival, which is organized as part of the celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the first written mention of Ostrava. ‘It’s going to be spectacular,’ said Deputy Mayor Zbyněk Pražák, who saw the performance with his own eyes on his business trip to Barcelona.

What exactly can we expect from our Catalan guests? The main attraction will be incredible ‘towers’ made of human bodies that are 10 or more meters tall and whose current form was established 200 years ago in the city of Valls.  In 2010, these towers were listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List (you can watch one of many videos as an appetizer). Other attractions will include two six-meter-high giant puppets, fire devils, original Catalan dances and music, burning rum and other specialities.

It will be the unique and largest show of Catalan culture in the Czech Republic; it is organized by the city of Ostrava in cooperation with the Region, Festival in the Streets, Catalan cultural association Adifolk and the management of the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona. The city of Barcelona and the Adifolk Association participate in the event also financially – they cover the cost of the transport of artists, giant puppets and other props. The Czech side will provide the Catalan guests with accommodation and meals.

‘It will be a valuable contribution to the celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the first written mention of Ostrava. Never before had here been something similar, it’s really something to look forward to,’ added Deputy Mayor Zbyněk Pražák at a pre-festival press conference.

The performance of the Catalan artists will take place chiefly on one of the two main festival stages – the 750 Years stage, which will be housed on the premises of the Silesian Ostrava Castle. It will be also on this stage where on Friday, 30 June, the VIAOSTRAVA game will culminate, and the ten most successful contestants will meet in the finals to compete for valuable prizes, such as a cruise in the Western Mediterranean for two, Euroweekend by plane for two or Euroweekend in a four-star hotel.

The festival will be accompanied by a programme prepared by the Ostrava City Museum, which on the occasion of the jubilee of the city organizes an exhibition called Ostrava’s Unseen Story and will also offer workshops called Soap Wings.