Historic bustle reminded us of Ostrava’s glorious past

Historic bustle reminded us of Ostrava’s glorious past

The Silesian Ostrava Castle, the surrounding earthworks, Černá louka (Black Meadow) area and of course the square, which is located exactly in the same place as in the Middle Ages, and today we call it Masaryk Square, became for two days the venue for the amazing celebration of the 750th anniversary of the first written mention of Ostrava. The bustle, which brought together a number of knights, singers, soldiers from the times of the Habsburg Monarchy and many other historical figures, was opened by Mayor of Ostrava Tomáš Macura and his deputy Zbyněk Pražák.

The square was reminiscent of the annual markets that started with Charles IV giving Ostrava a permission to organize them – stalls offered handicrafts and good food and drink, there were also blacksmiths, tinkers and candle makers present as well as jugglers and singers, who performed to entertain the visitors. The absolute highlight was the opening of the celebration by a herald, knights on horses, medieval ladies and common people in period clothing, whose parade recalled Ostrava’s glorious past. Those interested received at the stall of the city of Ostrava a commemorative seal with number 750.

On the earthworks around the castle were to be found falconers with raptors entertaining both adults and, mainly, children, there were also jousting tournaments, and inside of the castle, it was possible to join sprightly castle dances or to listen to a historical band with nowadays very unusual instruments like shawms, bagpipes, lutes and big drums coated with animal skin. Just like in the Middle Ages.

The programme on Saturday was just as interesting and started with the festive Holy Mass in Masaryk Square at 10 am. After that, all the ‘historical’ localities became again full of life and fun that was reminiscent of the past.

The closing ceremony, attended by the representatives of the city, took place on Saturday, 9 September, at 9:45 pm at the Silesian Ostrava Castle. The bustle was then ended on the earthworks by a show of knights and jugglers named Fires of History.