Open Day dedicated to the jubilee of Ostrava – accompanying programme

Open Day dedicated to the jubilee of Ostrava – accompanying programme

The Ostrava City Hall will open its door to the visitors again. It will be on Saturday, 28 October, on the anniversary of its opening ceremony. From 1 to 6 pm, visitors will be able to participate in guided tours of the representative areas finished by a face-to-face encounter with Mayor Tomáš Macura. At the same time will be open the City Hall Viewing Tower, and it will be accessible free of charge.

The accompanying programme in Prokeš Square will be dedicated to the 750th anniversary of the first written mention of Ostrava. Its name ‘Technology, Industry and Science Belong to Ostrava’ highlights the inseparability of these fields of human activity from the history of the city. The programme will be not only interesting but also instructive. The Technical University of Ostrava will present, for example, a live exhibition of iron production in a historic furnace and expositions of steam engines, robotics and cybernetics. The Dolní Vítkovice Area will prepare demonstrational experiments in the fields of physics, chemistry and logic. There will also be a giant gyroscope in which visitors can experience 3g forces experienced by astronauts or pilots of fighters. The Czech Radio Ostrava, which is a media partner of the event, will display historical exhibits associated with the beginnings of the broadcasting. The Ostrava Museum will exhibit historical items and models from the mining industry.

The programme will be livened up by a historical fashion show. The audience will see historical and contemporary uniforms and workwear of professions that are closely linked to Ostrava and that you may have already forgotten about. Children’s entertainment will be provided by four leisure centres, and catering will be prepared by restaurants employing socially disadvantaged people Mental Café and Spirála.


The project Memory Chest Ostrava 2067 gives to those interested the opportunity to record a message for the future generations in a makeshift recording studio in the ceremonial hall and post it on their social media accounts or have it sent via email. It will also be possible to record messages in the studio of the Czech Radio Ostrava, 2 Dr. Šmerala Street, from 10 am to 4 pm.