The City Hall Museum Night this time with Bishop Bruno

The City Hall Museum Night this time with Bishop Bruno

The Ostrava Museum Night was held for the ninth time. On Saturday, 10 June, Mayor of the City of Ostrava Tomáš Macura, together with the directors of the Archives of the City of Ostrava Blažena Przybylová and of the Ostrava City Museum Jiřina Kábrtová, opened the Museum Night on the Prokeš Square accompanied by visitors to the event, who were blowing party blowers.And since this year is special for celebrating the 750th anniversary of the first written mention of Ostrava, not only came the Hukvaldy messenger on a white horse, armigers and warriors but also a special guest – Bishop Bruno of Schauenburk, who just three quarters of a millennium ago, in 1267, issued his testament, in which he mentioned as the first person ever the locality called Ostrava. Bishop, along with the Mayor and the director of the Archives Blažena Przybylová, also launched a new book about the oldest history of the city called ‘Ostrava. The Beginnings and Development of a Medieval City’. Historical program titled ‘Old Ostrava Tells Stories’, which was organized in front of the New Town Hall, offered old music, knight battles, pictures of the lives of our ancestors, an executioner’s workplace, competitions for children and a lot of other entertainment.

Visitors could also take part in the tour of the representative premises of the New Town Hall, which is the largest town hall in the Czech Republic. They saw the hall of the city assembly, hall of the city council, meeting rooms and other spaces. They learned a lot about the history of the town hall, then they were personally received by Mayor of the City of Ostrava Tomáš Macura, who talked to them and answered their questions.

In total, 544 people took advantage of this opportunity, not only citizens of Ostrava but also visitors from Brno, Prague, Havířov, Bílovec and other towns. The record holder had taken the tour of the city hall for the tenth time. Mayor Macura was asked, for example, about the River Ostravice, forest park Myslivna, Skeleton building, a new tram line in Poruba or the city bypass.

A special experience was a visit to the lookout tower of the New Town Hall, which is also the highest town hall tower in the Czech Republic. A view of evening Ostrava from a height of 73 metres was enjoyed by 752 visitors.

The Ostrava Museum Night was joined by 39 institutions and organizations involved in culture and education – museums, galleries, libraries, schools, technical monuments, cafés, clubs, circus and centres with a special focus. There were organized exhibitions, guided tours, lectures, screenings, concerts, workshops, creative workshops or scenic performances.