The Šumná Ostrava contest was a success

The Šumná Ostrava contest was a success

Pupils of primary and secondary schools took part in the year-round celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the first written mention of Ostrava by participating in the trivia contest called Šumná Ostrava (Pretty Ostrava). Winners of the contest were announced on the eve of the closing of the celebrations, and pupils with the deepest knowledge were awarded. First- and second-grade pupils also draw their ideas of Bishop Bruno, the Venus of Petřkovice and the Ostrava City Museum. They were awarded prizes on the stage during the celebrations of the jubilee.The Šumná Ostrava historical contest was prepared by the Grammar School of Prof. Otto Wichterle in cooperation with the Ostrava City Museum and the Silesian Ostrava Primary School in Bohumínská Street 72. This year’s 10th jubilee of the contest was focused on the history of Ostrava until 1847, and several hundred pupils participated.

The most successful pupils who passed the first rounds of the contest at their schools were divided into different age categories and competed in final groups of 15 at the Ostrava City Museum. They were asked about the discoverers of the Venus of Petřkovice and they had to say, for example, which animal can be found in Ostrava’s coat of arms, to whom the oldest church in Ostrava is dedicated, which monarch granted Moravian Ostrava the right to organize markets, how Jirásek Square was originally called, or which military leader visited Ostrava in the 18th century. The first- and second-grade pupils also drew pictures with historical themes, and the best ones received prizes from director of the Ostrava City Museum Jiřina Kábrtová on the stage in Prokeš Square during the celebrations of the 750th anniversary.

Results of the Šumná Ostrava contest

Group A (first grade)
1. Linda Kosubová, Šalounova-Halasova Primary School
2. Petr Malý, Silesian Ostrava Primary School
3. Aneta Jačková, Šenov Primary School

Group B (second and third grade)
1. Karel Maralík, Klegova Primary School
2. Ondřej Hlavsa, Gen. Janka Primary School
3. Petr Malý, Silesian Ostrava Primary School

Group C (fourth and fifth grade):
1. Vojtěch Matuš, Matiční Primary School
2. Jakub Ondruš, Matiční Primary School
3. Ema Dančíková, Matiční Primary School

Category 1 (sixth to ninth grade and corresponding grades of grammar schools):
1. Klára Starečková, Ostrava-Zábřeh Grammar School
2. Matyáš Poledník, Ostrava-Zábřeh Grammar School
3. Radomír Mielec, Ostrava-Zábřeh Grammar School

Category 2 – Secondary Schools:
1. Ondřej Vavro, Wichterle Grammar School
2. Radek Lacko, Havířov Grammar School
3. Dominik Holický, Wichterle Grammar School