The VIAOVA 750 game has three more finalists

The VIAOVA 750 game has three more finalists

The fun trivia game about the history of the city of Ostrava VIAOVA 750 is in its second third and has three other finalists. They will compete to advance to the super finals, where they can win some of the attractive prizes. The best will win a cruise for two in the Western Mediterranean!The game is part of the all year-long celebrations of 750 years of the city of Ostrava and will last until 30 June, when the winners of the game will be announced at the public super finals during the Festival in the Streets. More than 1,100 players are currently in this game open for all age groups.

Anyone who registers through the registration form available on the website can play. You can also play on smartphones with internet access. The registration is open until midnight 27 June.

Players of the VIAOVA 750 game will not only learn interesting things about the history of the city of Ostrava but also have fun. The top ten players will be rewarded with great prizes for their knowledge and endurance. The prize for the winner is a luxury cruise in the Western Mediterranean for two, the second best player will enjoy a weekend getaway by plane for two in one of the European capitals with accommodation in a four-star hotel, and the third will be rewarded with a weekend getaway for two in a European city with accommodation in a four-star hotel (additional wins are listed on the website of the game All finalists of the game will receive a certificate of honour.

The name VIAOVA 750 symbolizes the historical journey of the city, and a way to discover interesting places in Ostrava. The game brings participants to a total of 30 selected locations in Ostrava that illustrate the city’s long history and commemorate its significant events. It takes the form of a trivia quiz and is divided into a theoretical and practical part. After correctly answering the theoretical questions that concern 30 specific locations in Ostrava, players proceed to the second round, where they have to deal with practical tasks. In order to solve them, they have to visit the locations and search for clues that will guide them to the solution.

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