Travelling to Stará Bělá in the 1950s

Travelling to Stará Bělá in the 1950s

Mgr. Ludmila Švidernochová

Stará Bělá, where my grandmother lived, was first incorporated into Ostrava during World War II in 1941. This connection was later cancelled and re-entered into force only after 1945.

In the fifties, every time I wanted to visit my grandma, it was a very complicated journey. We lived in Poruba, which became part of Ostrava in 1957. When I wanted to visit my dear grandma in Stará Bělá, I had to go from Poruba to the city centre first and change to old wooden tram no. 1 (it was brown). In the rear part of old wooden trams, there was an open platform, and at lower speed you could easily hop on and off.

In the front part of the tram was a driver and in the middle was a car(wo)man selling tickets. They cost 60 halers, and you could get a “transfer” ticket for the same price.

During my high school studies (1952-1956), every year since I was 16 I had a summer job as a carwoman and was selling tickets to passengers.

On the way to Stará Bělá, I went to the park Bělský les first. But before getting there, I had to pass through the so-called Stalingrad, today’s Ostrava-Jih (Southern Ostrava), part of city districts Zábřeh and Dubina. I got off in Bělský les near a pub called Dakota; it was the last stop. There were barracks, an airfield and fields in the vicinity.

From the last stop, I had to walk all the way to Stará Bělá. Buses ran very rarely. The road was narrow and it took me almost an hour of quick walk to get there. The way back home was equally long and difficult, but I was young, so it was ok.

Where are the snows of yesteryear!

In: Almanach Paměť Ostravy, published by the Ostrava City Library, 2016