Venus of Petřkovice made by students of the Technical University of Ostrava

Venus of Petřkovice made by students of the Technical University of Ostrava
Václav Merta making the statuettes.

Venus of Petřkovice in form of a key tag is a highly demanded souvenir of Ostrava, which this year commemorates the 750th anniversary of the first written mention of the city. The Venus was created by students of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at the Technical University of Ostrava.

“Václav Merta, one of the best Master students, took charge of the task of coming up with a special technology to make one thousand statuettes. He was joined by his classmates Kristýna Konečná and Kristina Adamusová. It was quite difficult for them because the contract was to be done during the exam period,” said the head of the laboratory of the Department of Metallurgy and Foundry Petr Lichý. Students chose resin, which can be hardened; they use it for production of models.

The hue was tricky. “To get the reddish brown, we initially used iron oxides, but the result was still too bright. After two days of tests, we added graphite to the dye and suddenly we had the color we needed,“ said Václav Merta. Testing and preparations of the model lasted throughout December, and in January the team of three students started founding thousand of pieces of miniature statuettes. Metal loops attached to the figures are from stainless wire, and they made them one by one using small pliers. The result was then honed and polished. Each piece is therefore a handmade original.

“The students have not yet come across such a large contract. They always produced just one or two pieces. It’s good experience for them, especially since they had to demonstrate high level of creativity,“ said Petr Lichý.