The Black Eyes of Ostrava – Detective Work in the City Centre

The Black Eyes of Ostrava – Detective Work in the City Centre
Ostrava City Library

Ostrava City Library prepared the Black Eyes of Ostrava project to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the first written mention of Ostrava. A host of forty events will be held between the months of April and November of 2017, with twelve libraries in Ostrava taking part. On Monday, 22 May, a competition named ‘Co Ostravak, to historik’ (In Ostrava, everyone is a historian) will be held in the City Library branches on the Opavská and Vietnamská streets in Poruba.

It is a long-term detective-themed competition for children (but not only for them) with prizes. In each of these two places, a map of Ostrava will be displayed for a total of five weeks. There will be six numbered locations on those maps and the task of the contestants is to guess the landmarks marked by these numbers using clues provided.

Ostrava City Library in cooperation with the University of Ostrava also prepared lectures for Black Eyes of Ostrava held by prominent figures of music scene in Ostrava, discussions with local patriots about the history of individual parts of Ostrava, walks through workers‘ colonies, or presentations of folk music from the Ostrava region. The aim is to support active self-education of the citizens of Ostrava. The events are focused on both younger and older school children and senior citizens, as these are the two groups visiting the libraries most frequently. Ostrava City Library aims to promote and develop people’s positive attitude towards the place they live in, its rich history and to disseminate information about Ostrava’s cultural heritage.

The Black Eyes of Ostrava project is realized using the financial support of the statutory city of Ostrava.